Weekly Updates from Final Show Films - Week of the 3rd

Man am I bad at this. Not intentionally, mind you, it's mostly because I've set myself the task to do a lot of stuff that my ADHD makes difficult. Nevertheless, we're back with another weekly-ish update!

Sunday 2/26/17
It was announced previously but I'm putting this here officially, Sunday Funday is going away for a while mostly because while my wife is still recovering from her broken hip, I don't have as much time during the week to pursue my VO career. Sunday mornings are for auditions now. 
Price of War episode 10 was recorded with new tech! It's not perfect, but we're continually improving.
The past week's streams were also uploaded that night, though they didn't get published until the morning after.

Monday 2/27/17
Uknits played Magic this morning on twitch - we're still working on getting his stuff recorded and uploaded to YouTube, it's the only stream stuff that isn't right now.
We did not record a Natch 20 review this week because Pooky wasn't feeling well - we did get the game played though, so eventually we will get our 5th Edition D&D review done.

Tuesday 2/28/17
No Natch 20 today as previously mentioned. Hope you all had a good Tuesday, though.

Wednesday 3/1/17
It's March! Already!
Eberron: Heirs of Destiny 04 - We continue our way down into the bowels of Sharn, and discover that we don't really have many good ways to deal with swarming creatures. Then, some puzzle solving begins!
JRPG Weekly - More Nioh! Come watch as we throw ourselves repeatedly into the ocean to try and beat the next boss.
Also recorded the next episode of Critical Thinking.

Thursday 3/2/17
The Price of War 10 - The tournament continues; Next up, Beast Battles! Our team is cut down to three and we discover exactly how much of our ability to kill things relies on our full party layout.
And the first episode of Taskforce Echo, our new Starcraft RPG actual play series got recorded!

Friday 3/3/17
Critical Thinking 07 - The Throne Room: We discuss the positives and negatives of narrative versus tactical combat, and actually manage to bring this episode in at our target time of just under an hour! Amazing what a properly motivated person can do.
No SciFridays today, because I was out at a bachelor party for my best friend who got married on Saturday!

Saturday 3/4/17
We recorded more Eberron this morning - two players short, so it ended up being more of a in character plot motivation episode, but I think it went well! Though, I was tired from the party the previous night.
Vampire the Masquerade: Walking Shadow 14
Another Vampire game, another crime scene. This time, however, we're all a little more powerful and are able to find more clues than we could previously - enough to put us on the correct trail! Also, some character stuff happens with Aila and Gabriel. Be sure to tune in!

And that's what we've got. Oh, also, we're diversifying our artwork in various places. Here's a taste of what our Podcast thumbnails are going to look like in the future...

We're really looking forward to getting separate Podcast channels for everything...

We're really looking forward to getting separate Podcast channels for everything...