Weekly Update from Final Show Films - Week of the 10th

Sunday - 3/5
Our weekly Stream videos went up today - short one due to bachelor party duties on Friday of course.
Also, we recorded episode 11 of the Price of War. Had some audio issues, but still got it done. 

Monday - 3/6
Uknit's Magical Mondays - Austin continues to play MTGO, and some day I'll actually get his scores before I put this up.
We recorded no Natch 20 review this day because of scheduling conflicts. We will eventually finish our Month* of D&D.
Taskforce Echo 01 - The first episode of our Starcraft RPG actual play series went up.

Tuesday - 3/7
No Natch 20 went up today; Aforementioned no recording.

Wednesday - 3/8
Eberron: Heirs of Destiny 05 - More Eberron today! This week we climb back up from the undercity, encounter some baddies, and spend the day going over character stuff since we're missing two of our players.
JRPG Weekly - We played more Nioh on stream, and this time we started backtracking to old missions for gear, money, and - most importantly - fame.
We also recorded Critical Thinking episode 08 after stream.

Thursday - 3/9
The Price of War 11 - Our erstwhile adventurers have completed all of the tournament goals at the Argent Tournament grounds. Now, it's time for the Trial of the Crusader to begin!
Recorded episode 02 of Taskforce Echo

Friday - 3/10
Critical Thinking 08: Glass and Bone - This week we talk about one of the early divisive episodes, specifically the one in which [REDACTED] goes and [REDACTED]s [REDACTED].
SciFridays - We start our blind playthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn and learn two things: One; robot dinosaurs fall for the old 'pile of corpses' trick, and two; I'm not good with a bow.

Saturday - 3/11
We recorded more Eberron this morning.
Lord of the Ring - Our good friend Hanno (@ronin_sama on twitter) ran a one shot to celebrate getting 2k followers on Twitter! And we streamed it!
Vampire the Masquerade: Walking Shadow 15 - Wow, we're 15 episodes in and I think we've had two episodes with a full cast. Fun, innit? Well, we're short Erin this week so BUCKLE UP BUDDIES