Image: “Fantasy City wallpaper,” unknown

Image: “Fantasy City wallpaper,” unknown

Bekerlund Bandits: a new Gran Terra adventure

The world of Gran Terra may be done expanding, but our view of the world, and the stories within it, continues growing, as we explore the delightful small barony of…well, somehow they ended up in Hell. In prison. So that’s a normal Sunday morning

DMed by Senstaku; streaming live Sunday 1:00 am Eastern / Saturday 10:00 pm Pacific

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We are Final Show Films, an international livestream production company focused on bringing a diverse range of content to our audience. With a focus on creating actual plays as varied as our collaborators, we are also expanding our vision with podcasts, gaming, and an effort to bring community theatre to the livestreaming era.  Here you can find links to our content as well as more about our contributors.

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