Coming Soon: #EveryoneIsWarlocks

Do you like D&D 5e? Do you like warlocks: charming people making terrible, terrible decisions, like…oh, I don’t know, deciding to strike a deal with an entity of unknowable power and inscrutable purpose? How about low-magic fantasy settings? How about…puns…

If you said yes to a couple of those, you might like the newest story from Jack: Conflux: Everyone is Warlocks! A story set in the dense and strange metropolis of Conflux, a city formed by an eddy in the tides of magic that form the planes, cut off from almost everything…except the gods and demons and otherworldly entities that come, every so often (or, maybe, when they just get bored) to offer deals to pawns in this, The Great Game

DMed by Jack; streaming live Thursdays, 7 Eastern/4 Pacific

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