Weekly Update from Final Show Films - Week of the 31st update

Hello everybody! Welcome to the first of our new regular blog entries that will appear on both our website blog and on our Patreon page - our Weekly Update. Basically, we've realized that we can be very extremely wantonly bad at communicating with people, and have decided that in the New Year the fix to that is going to be this very blog! So, buckle up, and let's recap last week!

Sunday - 12/25/16
Christmas Day! Yeah, nothing got done today. We do hope you had a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Heavenly Hanukkah, Celebratory Kwanzaa... whatever it is you wish upon yourselves and others.

Monday - 12/26/16
Nothing happened today either. Austin's stream, Uknits' Magical Meanderings, normally happens on Mondays but Austin was extremely sick. So we didn't do that, nor did we record the Natch 20 Review for the week. In other news, my wife's broken hip (She broke her hip the week prior) is still healing, so I didn't get anything done either.

Tuesday - 12/27/16
Gran Terra Adventures ep. 41 went up today! It was supposed to go up Monday, but read previous. This week's episode opens with our intrepid heroes continuing to get violently assaulted by Frost Turtles. Be sure to check it out!

Wednesday - 12/28/16
It's time for JRPG Weekly! This week we started playing Final Fantasy XV, the upload of which is available on our YouTube channel. Senstaku spends most of this stream talking about the personalities of the characters, and crucial story information that may get missed upon a first play through.

Thursday - 12/29/16
The Lost Mines of Phandelver ep. 12 went up today! It was also supposed to go up Wednesday, but again with the distraction of my wife's broken hip. Our dysfunctional team of (mostly) elves finish clearing out Thundertree on this episode. We also recorded Gran Terra ep. 42 today!

Friday - 12/30/16
Today is the day we're supposed to do SciFridays, and play more Let It Die! on stream - Unfortunately, I came down with a very serious illness that caused my body to rebel against me at the molecular level.

Saturday - 12/31/16
To start the day, we recorded Lost Mines of Phandelver ep. 13, and to end the day our Vampire the Masquerade game was still on Hiatus - It'll be coming back this weekend, on the 7th!

So, that's been our week! We hope these weekly updates clear up some of our lost content issues, without having to rely on you reading my twitter account all the time. These may be written by me regularly, or by others depending on how it goes. Look for these every Monday!