Desert Bus / Thanksgiving Hiatus

Announcement time!

So for the next two weeks the Final Show Films twitch stream will be on hiatus - We're taking a vacation from streaming!

Specifically, we're going to be supporting Desert Bus for Hope X by hosting the stream for the duration of the run - with the only exceptions being our Vampire stream Saturday evenings, and a potential support stream in which we may or may not play RockBand.

Basically, we need a vacation. Aside from sick days, tech issues, and emergencies I've been streaming at least once a week every week for almost two years now, and that ranged from one to seven streams a week, settling down now at me personally streaming four times a week. Uknits and others have been streaming for a little over a year, and we need a break to recharge our creative batteries and come back fresh.

Now, we will still be producing Podcasts and Let's Plays throughout the next two weeks so don't fear a lack of content, just a specific hiatus on the Twitch Channel - It will be hosting Desert Bus for the week.