Adobe Premiere Shenanigans

So yesterday's Two Guys One Camera had a bit of a hiccup until I fixed it this morning. To be precise, a 2 minute long video showing me recording the unedited footage for the episode was uploaded rather than the edited copy I had made and thought I'd exported. How did this happen? Well, it's really simple - Adobe Premiere is silly.

To be precise, Adobe Premiere decided that when I hit 'Export' I meant to export the source video - The thing that was already a stand alone video file with no modifications done to it from Premiere and thereby not needing to be exported - instead of the complete and edited sequence that I'd been working on and saved.

Why? Because I'd accidentally clicked it while going from the sequence to the File > Export feature. 

So, because of an errant mis-click Premiere did the equivalent of opening the door to drag a slab of marble into the workshop, only to turn it around and drag it right back out untouched by a chisel. As opposed to the sequence, which was a slab of marble from the same stock that had already been carved into a statue and was ready to be taken out  and placed on display.

Then, because I'm in the habit of trusting my equipment to do what I tell it to when I tell it to, I didn't check that the file was the correct file and uploaded the footage to Youtube as yesterday's episode. This was the equivalent of my, seeing a covered box outside the workshop, planting it up on a display pedestal sight unseen and assuming it's exactly what I wanted it to be.

When I woke up I noticed a few messages notifying me of the issue, which I then fixed and now we have the correct video in place and all is right with the world. Fortunately I didn't decide that the recording process of that particular video was the time to watch adult movies or declare deeply held racist beliefs. Dodged a bullet there.

So, the moral of this story? Never trust computers and always check your work.