Weekly Update from Final Show Films - Week of the 20th

This is going up a day later than normal, but Monday was quite a hectic day for us here at Final Show Films. Regardless, here's the update for our previous week of content!

Sunday - 1/15/17
Sunday Funday - We're back! It had been so long since we'd played Castlevania that I decided to skip that and move on to our next game, which was Eisenhorn: XENOS a Warhammer 40k action adventure title that is upsetting bad.
The Stream Replays for the previous week, including Eisenhorn for Sunday Funday, went up this evening and we recorded another Price of War!

Monday - 1/16/17
Uknits' Magical Mondays came back as well this week. We've had a bout of plague running through the area apparently, but Uknits was finally feeling well enough to stream. We also recorded the Natch 20 for the first time in a while!
Gran Terra Adventures 44 - The party decides to make themselves useful now that they've arrived on Dar'laradi and work for their stay at the Treetop Bough. They are swiftly reminded that just because Dar'laradi is more lush than Sloverden doesn't mean it is any more safe.

Tuesday - 1/17/17
The Natch 20 Review - This week we reviewed Original Dungeons & Dragons. It received our lowest grade in the history of the Natch 20, though we still acknowledge that it's an important game. If you're interested in our thoughts on the subject, then give it a listen!

Wednesday - 1/18/17
JRPG Weekly - More Final Fantasy XV; We discovered that if you're over leveled and know what you're doing, you can push your way through the game surprisingly quickly, and also had nice in-depth conversations on the game's storytelling.
Lost Mines of Phandelver 15 - We edge closer to victory in the mines, chasing down our fleeing enemy and preparing for potential conflict with the elusive Black Spider.
Also, after the JRPG Weekly stream, we recorded the first of a new podcast series; Critical Thinking: A Critical Role Rewatch podcast!

Thursday - 1/19/17
The Price of War 08 - Our intrepid adventurers join the Argent Tournament! We learn what happens when a tech-wielding dragon and an orc face off, and what happens when a magic-wielding Half-Ogre takes on a ball of dwarven steel and spikes.
Also, we recorded more Gran Terra Adventures!

Friday - 1/20/17
SciFridays - Having 'finished' Let It Die last week, it was time to take on a new game - Dishonored 2. I may have gone a little... off brand with it.
Critical Thinking 01: Arrival at Kraghammer - Our debut episode of Critical Thinking went up! Some technical difficulties as we're using a setup we've not used previously, but overall I think it was a good start to the series - and the feedback we've received seems to indicate you do too!

Saturday - 1/21/17
In the morning we recorded the finale of Lost Mines of Phandelver! Only took 16 episodes for us to finish off the actually quite short starter campaign.
Vampire the Masquerade: Walking Shadow - We were short two people and plagued with connection issues on behalf of our Brujah, but we still managed to find a way to dick around for three hours in Vampire!

Man, when I look back at it we really do produce a wide variety of content every day of the week. From Magic: The Gathering streams on Monday to Final Fantasy XV on Wednesday, to Eisenhorn: XENOS on Sundays. Well, as always, let us know what you think! And we hope you have a fantastic week!