Schedule Update

This will be a quick update; We're changing our schedule!

If you look at the 'Our Schedule' tab, you'll now find a google calendar that has our stream listings, and will have other things added as we need it. You'll also notice less entries than we had previously on the calendar. During this month's staff meeting, we discussed the fact that for almost a year we've been pushing ourselves to stream every day of the week and, with a few exceptions, we managed it. However, the situations in our lives are changing - Most of us here at Final Show Films are expectant parents, and we've been pushing ourselves very hard.

So, with that in mind, we're pulling back slightly on our stream schedules - We're still producing content every day of the week, but we're removing two of the streams from our schedule - specifically, Tuesday and Thursday. This gives us a little more time to rest during the week so we don't burn ourselves out, also giving us more breathing room for editing and producing other content aside from our podcast, streams, and Let's Plays. 

Speaking of new content, the Saturday Stream which has thusfar been just another Senstaku's Shenaniganery is changing from a normal Twitch stream to a Critique stream. We're going to be playing games that are generally poorly received, and taking an even closer look at it than before. And to start it all off, we're going back to the beginning - the very first game I ever streamed, Ride to Hell: Retribution.

That's all for now, we'll see you all next time.