Rebranding and Rescheduling

Hello again everybody! So, with the Final Show Films brand being a year older now, and the idea of what we want to be as a company having changed, it's time to redesign our logo. The original concept of the logo, two drama faces and the film reel surrounding the name, was designed at a time where I wanted to make a company "Of actors, by actors."

To extrapolate, the original idea was content production with everyone involved being involved in theatre as a key tentpole of the company - the idea that, all the creative people I knew who were actors could come together and create things that they wouldn't otherwise get the chance to, because acting is an incredibly difficult industry to break into. 

It was spawned from my own experiences as an actor trying to break through into the industry, and still having not really succeeded on that part. My thought processes was "If I can't do it through other people, then I'll just do it myself" - using my own projects as a showcase. I've learned a lot since then, and the company as a whole has shifted perspectives since then.

Now, rather than just serving as a vehicle to launch my own acting career, Final Show Films has evolved into a gaming media and variety content conglomerate, with people from all over the globe (Literally) pitching in one way or another to create content that we put out into the world to be consumed.

It's bigger than I thought it would be at first, and heading in a direction I hadn't really expected. As we learn and grow as content producers, and as you come along with us for that journey, we're beginning to crystallize what our place is in the industry we've stumbled into, gaining some much needed clarity.

So, with that in mind, we're rebranding. Final Show Films will remain Final Show Films, but our logo is going to be changing soon to more closely represent what it is we do. When I get the chance, I'll upload the mock up that we're going to be shipping off to get all artified.

In addition to that, we're shifting up the way we're releasing our content! Previously we sort of arbitrarily decided to release all of our podcasts on Monday and our Two Guys One Camera on Thursday, now that we're more familiar with running this whole thing we've decided to actually spread out that content, so we're doing multiple things per day rather than cramming everything into two days.

So, our podcasts are coming out as follows: Gran Terra Adventures every Monday, the Natch 20 Review on Tuesdays, Space Cowboys on Wednesdays, Simpler Life on Thursdays, and Two Guys One Camera on Fridays. This relieves a lot of pressure on my end as the editor, allowing me to not stay up until midnight on Mondays making sure everything goes up on time, and keeps me from doing the same thing on Thursdays when we film Two Guys One Camera.

Thanks for sticking with us, and I'm raising a glass to the next year of Final Show Films. I feel like our first year as a company was perhaps rougher than it needed to be, but not as rough as it could have been. I look forward to smoothing it out as we go.