Changes & The End of the Shenanicast

I'm really good at updating this thing, aren't I?

I know it's been a bit since I last updated the blog. Mostly it's that I keep forgetting to. Anyways, if you didn't hear the announcement in the most recent Shenanicast then you may not yet know that the Shenanicast itself is now over.

24 Episodes is not the longest running podcast ever, but it taught us a lot in the making and going forward we're taking those lessons to heart, as we do with all of our projects. 2016 is going to be the year of improvements for us here at Final Show Films, and that means changes to our normal schedule.

For starters, the Shenanicast is being replaced with a Tabletop discussion show - One in which we play tabletop games prior to recording, and critique the game during the recording. There are other shows that talk about tabletop games and perhaps review them while playing, but we're hoping that our in depth analysis and critique of systems will be a fresh perspective and something worth listening to.

In addition to that, Two Guys One Camera is going from twice a week to once a week. Quite frankly, we were burning ourselves out time-wise trying to shoot two episodes a week. It's not that we couldn't come up with the ideas, just that with our currently busy schedules it was difficult finding the time to film both. Cutting one of the Two Guys One Cameras out will actually give us more time to work on different content.

Included in all of this is a change to our Patreon page as well - We're going to be cutting the fat, removing unnecessary milestone goals and updating it as we change the content we provide. So, stay tuned, and I'll try to remember to update this blog more often.