Post Wizard World Update

So, Wizard World was fun.

I took a lot of pictures and video and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it all, but it'll find itself on the internet somehow. Potentially as a big Vlog update. It was fun though, it was the first comic-con style convention that I have ever attended and it was a blast. Shadow Chorus and I had a super fun time, met a lot of cool people, and got the chance to meet a couple of people we really enjoy watching - specifically, the majority of the cast of Geek & Sundry's Critical Role. 

Meeting them reinvigorated our desire to make Final Show Films something great, and re-lit the fire of creativity. So, with that in mind, here's an update as to what's going on here at Final Show Films.

First: Pre-production has begun on Uknit's cooking show and we're currently writing a script for a Broadway style musical that we're going to release as an episodic series in the future; It's a three hour musical journey through a D&D campaign revolving around four players, the DM, and a chorus of NPCs. We're hoping to have close to a final draft finished by May, which means production will likely start in June.

Second: I am overweight. It's a sad fact that my body is designed to be 150lbs but is currently sitting pretty at 200lbs. So, instead of lamenting that fact, we're going to be doing something about it. Pooky and I will be starting a Fitness Vlog series designed to get both of us back into our ideal shapes, and doing so using diet and exercise methods designed for people who are as busy as us. More about that later.

Third: New equipment! We've got a new audio mixer that plugs in using USB so it will hopefully clear up our sound issues with the Simpler Life podcasts - I'm also getting a new microphone setup for my home computer that will allow me to put out better quality audio for my streams and for voice acting projects, so huzzah for that as well.

Big shout out to the folks at Music & Arts here in Snellville - Every time I've gone in there they have had helpful and polite people at the counter, even if I didn't buy anything that day. I went there looking for soundproofing materials for my home studio, and walked out with a good audio mixer for the podcasts.

Anyway, keep a look out for more updates here, and I look forward to debuting the new gear and new projects we're working on.