Monthly Update!

So we're going to try to update this blog at least once a month with a larger post about how FSFilms is doing, and it'll probably be around the end of the month each month, to maintain a regular communication with our viewers. So, let's go over everything that has happened this month!

This has been a great month for the Patreon, us having reached our second milestone goal of $100/mo! This means that the Uknits cooking show is in pre-production officially,  will be coming soon! So look forward to that.

In other news, I have a job! I have recently attained gainful employment, which means a lot of different things but primarily means that my streaming schedule and our shooting schedules will be shifting around to accommodate for my new schedule. Please bear with us, we're trying to maintain as much regularity as possible but until I am entirely employed by Final Show Films via the Patreon, I have to make sure I'm going to be able to support my household.

Also - It's the week of Halloween! On the stream we're doing a Halloween themed week, as well as with our projects - We've released Halloween themed podcasts, and Halloween themed comedy, and a slightly but not entirely Halloween themed blog update. Or, maybe, just Halloween flavored.