Join us as Sentaku and Uknits play a variety of games.  Some good, some bad, and some... different, we're here to play games so you don't have to.  We are just restarting our let's plays, so be aware that our old let's plays are going to remain on indefinate hold.

Current LP's


Finished/Abandoned LP's

Uknits' Plays King's Quest

In which Uknits solo plays the recent King's Quest reboot!

Let's Play Deus Ex

Because on cyberpunk augmented person based game isn't enough, let's Deus Ex!

Let's Play Shadowrun: Dead Man's Switch

A delve into the cyberpunk world of Shadowrun with the video version of this tabletop roleplaying game.

Let's Show off Wildstar

A quick look at a sci-fi MMO. 

Let's Show off Heroes of the Storm

A quick look at the Blizzard mash-up.

Let's Play Dishonoured

A "pacifist's" run of Dishonourned, we show how no killing people doesn't necessarily make you a good guy.  Join us in our exploration of this open world stealth game.

Let's Show Off Faster Than Light

A Space Exploration Roguelike, this punishing game is a cute little roguelike featuring the Mighty Space Doughnut.

Let's Show Off FF14

One of Senstaku's favourite games, we wanted to show off some of the features of the popular MMO, Final Fantasy 14.

Let's Play Thief  

Why play good games when we could play this gem of confusion where the plot is predictable to make up for the genre being unsure of itself?

Let's Play Dr. Langeskov, the Tiger, and the Terribly Cursed Emerald, a Whirlwind Heist  

A short game with a long title, we get lied to and learn the perils of cassette players.

Let's Play Grandia II   

An incomplete play of Grandia II by Senstaku, we have no plans to finish this game at this point.