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John "Senstaku" Bates

Austin "Uknits" Kulp

William "ShadowChorus" Bates

William Bates - William "ShadowChorus" Bates is one of the writers, storytellers, and actors of Final Show Films. A passionate Blizzard fan (No really, don't get him started) and habitual homebrewer, William is constantly looking for ways to express his creative talent for worldbuilding, storytelling, and gaming. Also Orcs. And Dwarves.

Jeremy Thomas - Jeremy Thomas is a writer and editor for pop culture/entertainment site 411mania.com.  He's a longtime comic book, film, television and wrestling fan who spends his days consuming every morsel of narrative entertainment he can get his grubby hands on.  He's been playing TT RPGs for upwards of four decades.  His roleplaying habits are punctuated with a love of traumatic backstories, incindiary personalities and preternaturally-bad die-rolling skills.  When not gaming with Final Show Films, writing reviews of Westworld, attending Portland-area comic conventions or doing his re-read of the entire X-Men comic line, he can often be found as a dirty hacker assassin in Overwatch or arguing the merits of the Civil War comic book storyline (except the ending).

Jack Gregory - Jack Gregory was born in the Appalachian wilderness, where he spent his childhood developing RPG narratives when he wasn't fighting his adoptive family of black bears for fungi and berries or training chipmunks to roll dice. He met his first human being after wandering into a community college library while searching for reading material and shelter. This incited his first civilized foray into the universes of D&D and the World of Darkness, which he supplemented by ferociously catching up on the two decades of pop culture he had missed. Now fully accepting his status as a non-bear, Jack spent another ten years wandering the eastern half of North America in search of the perfect TTRPG group, but his path led westward after a time. Now living in the labyrinthine abandoned sewers of the Pacific Northwest, Jack has tentatively pledged fealty to FSFilms in order to survive the apocalyptic inland wastes as both player and storyteller.

Kat Waterflame - Kat Waterflame is a singer, voice actor, dog walker, and all-around nerd. She is an advocate for pineapple on pizza, real pockets in women's clothing, and diversity in the entertainment industry. She's also one half of the Charmed Chats podcast.

Zaghrog - Zaghrog is a Finnish gamer that got into TTRPGs at an university roleplaying club around 2010. Besides watching Twitch streams and VODs, his hobbies include mahjong and Magic: the Gathering